Designer with passion, Leader by vision & artist at heart.

Jamie Cabaccang is an award-winning product design leader, inventor and artist who is known for creating transformational, delightful and intuitive user-centered experiences used by millions of people, spanning across multiple devices for the various Apple, Android and Windows platforms. Most of the products Jamie has worked on have been v1 products such as Microsoft's Office for iPad, Office for Mac, Microsoft Translator for iPhone and Android wearables and innovating future hardware and software technology for Microsoft Windows incubation team.

Jamie has an instinct to take complexity and a vision and turn it into the most simplistic experiences. She can balance high-level, holistic reason with detail-oriented design. Products shipped have been recognized in “Best of”, “Top Apps”, “Editors Choice” awards and featured in the Apple App Store, TIME Magazine, Forbes, CNet, NBC News, USA Today, Mashable, Gizmodo, Engadget, Fast Company, The New York Times and more.

Jamie resides in Bellevue, WA with her husband, their two children and chocolate lab Kona Bear.


At this time, Jamie is a Design Lead at Pinterest. Recently, Jamie was a Sr. Principal Design Lead transforming design and working on product design innovation for Oracle and she led company-wide efforts inventing future secret technology in new hardware and software categories as an acting Creative Director on Microsoft's Incubation team. She worked with her team using diverse research methods to identify new concepts, innovative solutions and strategic business opportunities. She led customer site interviews, brainstorming sessions, design critiques and uses articulate and creative storytelling when presenting design work to product teams, business strategy and leadership. To learn more about her professional work, view her LinkedIn profile.


Jamie is very passionate about helping others. She is a mentor to several design and engineer professionals and is a manager to creatives. She is a leader in developing the Windows New Experience Technology Creative Women's group and also facilitates "Feelings Meetings" which cultivates a culture of empathy and support within her creative team. She is also one of the first Founding Members of Tech Ladies, a Co-Founder of a Real Estate Investment and Redevelopment company and an active Volunteer Artist for Soulumination, a non-profit that celebrates the lives of children and parents facing life-threatening illnesses by providing keepsake photographs and photo gifts for families. The life-affirming photographs of Soulumination are an enduring, positive record of the child's life, and provide a loving legacy for the children of parents lost to terminal illness.


Jamie attended the School of Visual Communications at the University of Washington chosen as one of the top 30 out of 150 portfolio students, she graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle's Interactive Media Design program and the Dale Carnegie Influence and Leadership program. She also holds a certification in Storytelling for Influence from IDEO U. 

side projects

Also known as an under-cover Creative Director of some of the largest Microsoft events, a Front-End UI Developer in training, an Etsy shop owner, geekess, natural health enthusiast and certified Reiki Master Practitioner.


For the latest updates, connect with her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium and Twitter, or simply contact her directly.



Design Lead

Techies + Wellness
Founder and Creative Director

Pure Reiki Wellness
Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
& Member of the International Reiki Organization





“Jamie is one of my favorite designers. Like many top-notch designers, she’s highly talented, creative, efficient, and detail oriented. However, there are several things, I think, that set her apart. She’s amazingly versatile - well-versed in wearable, mobile, web, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. and is able to to pattern match across them. She knows how to balance creative vs. realistic, out-of-the-box vs. practical, depending on what the work calls for. And she’s a great collaborator - opinionated, insightful but low ego - a rare combination among top tier designers! Jamie and I worked on a number of mobile app incubation projects at Microsoft. I hope we get to work together again in the future!”
— Evan Lew, VP of Product at Turvo
“... When developing features for OneNote for iOS, I looked forward to the part where I got to work with Jamie. I’ve never seen another example of someone so capable to juggle the design for an entire product with many moving pieces. She was empathetic to the user, being extremely scenario-focused, while understanding our developers very well...”
— Ben Gilbert, Co-Founder at Pioneer Square Labs
“I consider myself very fortunate. Of all the people I’ve worked with, Jamie has had the most positive impact...”
— Tim Garrett, Designer at Microsoft
“... my favorite, are her versatility and team mindset. I’ve seen Jamie challenged over and over again—whether it’s multiple competing projects, intense deadlines, or difficult technical constraints. I’ve never seen her lose focus, take shortcuts that don’t serve the customer, or close her door to colleagues because she has too much going on.

I always felt more productive when I worked with Jamie. She is so competent and delivers so much more than you expect that it enables everyone else on the team to focus and do more. I don’t think there’s a more valuable contribution that a person can make to a team...”
— Mona Azarians, Senior UX Writer at Apple
“... As my direct manager and mentor, she led me on a great path and taught me more in 4 months than I’ve learned in the past 20 years. Her work ethic and talent has made her become a big role model and someone I definitely look up to...”
— Andre Tacuyan, UX Designer
“... She developed a point of view regarding the design that was valued by those who worked with her, including the user researchers and the engineering teams. Her designs were reliably user focused, and were sensitive to and faithful to the principles of the operating system...”
— Naomi Zavislak, Senior Researcher at Microsoft

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