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the office you love, now on ipad

The Office apps for iPad have the robust capabilities and familiar look and feel that is unmistakably Office, while offering a fantastic touch experience built from the ground up for iPad. 

design lead for word, excel & onenote

Jamie had the opportunity to design the first touch experience of Microsoft Office. She was the Lead Product Designer for Word, Excel, OneNote and Shared UX. She drove product experience design from end-to-end, managed designers, evangelized design-to-implementation processes and improved remote cross-collaboration with Designers, Program Managers, Researchers and Developers across Redmond, Silicone Valley, Austria, Bejing, Tokyo and India.

After shipping multiple successful products on the Apple platforms, she has gained expertise in designing for the Mac, iOS and the Apple Watch and has consulted various design teams across Microsoft.



Microsoft Office for iPad received positive recognition throughout it's users and the media: 


user quotes

“Office for iPad represents the distilled Office experience poured into an iOS glass.”
— Mark Hachman, PCWorld
“I got a hold of it about a week ago, and guess what? It’s really good. I was immediately productive with it. A really brilliant touch-first design, simple to use, intuitive.”
— Rob Koplowitz, Forrester
“These feel like the Office apps that iPad users have been waiting for. They deliver on Microsoft’s promise of apps that feel like Office while at the same time feeling native to the iPad, which is no small feat.
— Todd Bishop, GeekWire