Microsoft Translator


breaking language barriers

Microsoft Translator is an award-winning app that enables users to seamlessly communicate with people who speak different languages.

This transformative experience allows you to converse in real-time using your watch as your personal translator while the other person can view the translation larger on the phone. You can also translate text, speech, images and download languages to use offline. Jamie was the design lead for iPhone, Apple Watch, Android Phone and Android Wear and worked with a small team of two other UI/UX designers, a motion artist, three engineers and a product manager.


whiteboard sketches


storyboard flows


the transformative experience

In real time, you can have a seamless conversation with someone who speaks a different language. You can use your phone or even pair it with your watch. For at-a-glance translations, simply rotate the phone horizontally. This especially comes in handy while on-the-go and especially if you cannot read the characters.


awards & recognitions

Microsoft Translator was awarded as one of the Best New Travel Apps by USA Today, TIME and was recognized on the Best New Apps list in the Apple Appstore.


user quotes

“I work with a couple that knows a moderate amount of English but functions best in their native tongue, Portuguese. Some important details were getting lost in translation until I got this app. It’s so easy, so simple and so fast. I no longer have to wonder if we understand each other. I just type it in English & they read it in Portuguese. Brilliant!”
— iPhone User, Apple Appstore
“Microsoft just created a killer Android Wear app. Who would have thought it? Super impressed with this app.”
— Android User, Google Play Store
“Yaaasss! Finally, instant conversation translations...right on your phone! Going on a trip round the world tomorrow with no fear of language barriers! Thanks, Microsoft!”
— Android User, Google Play Store
“Great translator... Simplistic, well-designed”
— Android User, Google Play Store
“Amazing LOVE LOVE LOVE even using it now to watch foreign shows and find myself learning a new language. Best in class.”
— Android User, Google Play Store