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Spotted Places is a visual way to discover and share new places and experiences. Explore and find recommendations near you and around the world with friends and our large community of travel and food bloggers.


the app icon





Jamie first started by sketching a bunch of owl logos with pencil and paper. Then drew a handful of them digitally and placed them on a gradient background and also within an app icon to see how it looked at scale with other travel experience apps. These were 3 concepts before finalizing the icon. Both co-founders and she agreed on the 3rd concept!

Fun fact: Jamie hired a well known fashion designer who designs custom clothing for celebs like Kanye West and the Black Eyed Peas to help with the final polishing up of the logo in addition to helping with a bunch of other design projects (yes, including the Spotted Places shirts)!


the mood boards

When designing brands, Jamie first starts out with mood boards. Mood boards help to create a variety of visual styles and is a great way to communicate the concepts with others. These were created by collecting imagery from a variety of sources. Click on each mood board below for more details.


STARTUP GRIND 2017 exhibitor

Startup Grind is a global community for entrepreneurs. Startup Grind "Startup Exhibition companies" are an elite group of companies. Spotted Places was handpicked as one of the top 100 companies from over 6,000 applicants from 100 countries and 200 cities around the world to be an exhibitor.


the commercial

This was the Spotted Places commercial that aired on April 17th, 2017.



user quotes

“When visiting a new town, instead of asking friends where to go, I can just look it up on Spotted Places. It’s also fun posting spots and restaurants that I normally wouldn’t post on Facebook or Twitter. Love the new way of social sharing.”
— iPhone User, Apple Appstore
“It’s perfect for seeing what places around me that are recommended by my friends and family. I love the visual map. It comes in handy as I travel a lot.
— iPhone User, Apple Appstore
“What a great idea! It’s useful for the avid traveler or someone who’s looking for a new spot. I tend to ask for recommendations so not only does this app save me from the “where should I go” text but it also pools from a larger community.”
— iPhone User, Apple Appstore