creating event experiences

Over the years Jamie been at Microsoft, she's been the point person to provide Creative Direction for some of our largest UX events. She had the opportunity to design creative, emotional "brands" and environments for Microsoft-wide events including UX Day, PM Day, World Usability Day and Microsoft's presence at CHI 2014 in Toronto. She lead a team of volunteer designers across the company to extend the event design concept and deliver world class event experiences. 



This was the very first event for the Hack for Her initiative held at Impact Hub in Seattle. Hack for Her is a movement to apply gender-inclusive design approach to build better experiences for everyone. They welcomed more than 200 men and women of diverse backgrounds and skills from various startups and universities to large companies such as Amazon, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Google and more.

Jamie had the unique opportunity to be the Creative Director for the branding, event and environmental design. For the Hack for Her event, a lot of thought and love went into every detail. She led by example with hand crafted, inclusive design from the hand painted water colored programs, signage and name badges, to the Inclusive swag gifts that included a gender neutral bag, notebook and pen which also functioned as a screwdriver, leveler and pointer. The name badges were also designed using magnets because women don't want to poke needle holes in their clothing! 


the design concept that didn't make it

Lego's represent building things creatively, they are for all genders and they were a perfect example for communicating the "why" with all the unique mini fig emotions (not to mention, the founder of Hack for Her, Christina Chen, is a Lego enthusiast). Jamie created a mini photography studio in her open work space (while her design peers thought she was cray) and did a photoshoot with these fun mini figures only to find out later that we couldn't use Legos :( #sadface.



The largest UX Research and Design Conference in the world.
Jamie had the opportunity to be the creative director of Microsoft's booth presence and sponsored events throughout CHI.


UX Day  |  one microsoft

Jamie was the Creative Director for UX Day 2014 which is Microsoft's largest annual UX event. She created the theme "One Microsoft" and had fun cleverly incorporating the "one" theme in signage and collateral. She worked with a team of volunteer designers across the company and even created a huge banner with all the names of each person within the UX discipline at Microsoft into a "ONE" banner.


...and more events

Here are some additional events Jamie designed for.